I hate 'nature' photographs.

He would probably kill me for this.

As I read Luigi Ghirri's complete essays one thing strikes me. Photography or rather the life as a photographer is filled with cases of being caught doing stuff you proclaimed you would never do.


Luigi Ghirri proclaims in the first sentence of his essay "Infinity" from 1974(The year I was born, by the way), "I've never liked 'nature' photographs." I would go as far as to say that I hate them. I know it is a bold statement but I do sincerely and utterly hate them. Why?

Because you can only frame some of it at a time. You can not like Luigi Ghirri points out frame the complete sky at once.

Nature is best left alone or as a backdrop.

But then. What do I do when I see a mediterrainian sunset? I photograph it. With the hope that my capture is so stunning, so good that it will represent all sunsets. How stupid am I.

From now on I will never take another photograph of nature!! Until I do.