I hate 'nature' photographs.

He would probably kill me for this.

As I read Luigi Ghirri's complete essays one thing strikes me. Photography or rather the life as a photographer is filled with cases of being caught doing stuff you proclaimed you would never do.


Luigi Ghirri proclaims in the first sentence of his essay "Infinity" from 1974(The year I was born, by the way), "I've never liked 'nature' photographs." I would go as far as to say that I hate them. I know it is a bold statement but I do sincerely and utterly hate them. Why?

Because you can only frame some of it at a time. You can not like Luigi Ghirri points out frame the complete sky at once.

Nature is best left alone or as a backdrop.

But then. What do I do when I see a mediterrainian sunset? I photograph it. With the hope that my capture is so stunning, so good that it will represent all sunsets. How stupid am I.

From now on I will never take another photograph of nature!! Until I do.

Start of a workday//


Having a cup of coffe before the day starts. Today(as always) I am taking the M6 with me to work. 

For a couple of days now I've been shooting color film. Developing it at home. Just to try it out.

Today I am finishing a roll of Ektar 100 before switching the guns to the Fuji Superia X-tra 400. 

I will be shooting in sunlight for a change so I am looking forward to today. 

I hope there will be some time in between today's real estate shoots to test different things with the Fuji stock.

Have a nice day🤗. 


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Summer Challenge //

It's time to change. I love shooting black and white. But I also love a challenge. I've always wondered if I could manage developing color negs at home. This kit says I now can. So here goes. In July I will be shooting color film while in Madrid, Barcelona and London. I will try developing it all myself. All tips and heads up will be greatly appreciated, since this is new territory for me. Wish me luck. .


Tetenal Colortec C-41



Today I tried something new.


I stand developed a Fomapan 400 bulk film. The film were shot using a olympus autofocus pocket camera. My guess was that the camera wouldn't know which speed to set. Just for laughs I decided to agitate the tank without stopping through out the complete hour of development.

The result is a dark black and see through neg. looking forward to scanning it later on.

I have applied. Have you?


I have problems. I seem to build my portfolio without any sort of management. I dream of the story that will be able to make use of pictures already made.  

But it isn't coming is it? 

 I am to scared to get started on some of the projects I have in my head. They scare me.  

So now I've made my mind up and applied for the workshop in visual storytelling with Ed Kashi.

It is a workshop through Eyes In Progress in Berlin this October.

Anyone else in the need of a push to tell stories? 

follow the link to the workshops website and apply you too? 

 Apply to workshop here